TerraCat cat litter with natural orange scent

Natural product from 100% bentonite- 100% natural product

  • Natural orange scent 
  • Firm Clumping - Creates solid pellets 
  • High absorbency
  • Neutralizing unpleasant odors

Clean paws... clean house!

Size: 7kg

ΤerraCat products are available in selected supermarket stores.

Σoύπερ απορροφητική Άμμος Υγιεινής

Clumping - Super absorbency

It is highly absorbent, forming nice solid clump as the litter absorbs liquid. The rest of the sand is kept dry and clean, without odors.
Άμμος Υγιεινής με Εύκολο καθάρισμα

Clumping for easy cleaning

The solid clumps are easy to remove making cleaning simple, while the TerraCat cat litter remains fresh for longer.
Άμμος Υγιεινής Οικονομική

Clumping for economy

The tight clumps are easily removed and the rest of the sand remains clean. This offers great savings, as it is only necessary to add extra sand and not completely replace it.
Άμμος Υγιεινής με Φυσικό έλεγχο οσμών

Natural odor control

It captures and neutralizes odors during use, naturally, due to the special characteristics of Bentonite.
Άμμος Υγιεινής Φυσικά Αρωματισμένη

Natural orange scent

TerraCat cat litter is perfumed with 100% natural orangescent. Fresh feel of Cretan oranges in your home.
Άμμος Υγιεινής χωρίς σκόνη

99.9% dust free

Almost without any dust, TerraCat cat Litter is the best for you and your home.